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The founder of «RUSBAL» Company Alexandr Talanov together with a group of likeminded people built the first hot air in the USSR. This event marked the beginning of rebirth of aerostatics in Russia.
Alexandr Talanov set up a commercial enterprise aimed at production of air balloons.
The first Type Certificate СТ257-АТ104 of AR IAC was obtained for the balloon shells having capacity from 950 to 4500 m3.
The unique «Yellow Submarine»-shaped balloon shell was designed and produced. This development was included into the data sheet of СТ257-АТ104 Type Certificate.
The «Heart»-shaped balloon shell was designed and also included into the data sheet of СТ257-АТ104 Type Certificate.
The sportive shape balloon shell having capacity range from 1600 m3 to 3000 m3 was designed and included into the data sheet of СТ257-АТ104 Type Certificate.
Japanese balloonists started buying «RUSBAL» balloons.
The model range of the balloons of classic shape was extended to 10000 m3. One of these balloon shells established the world flight endurance record.

Throughout the whole period of work in Russia the enterprise has produced over 200 hot air balloons, more than ten of them were delivered to Japan. «RUSBAL»’s customers are balloonists from former USSR countries, where AR IAC certification is recognized. «RUSBAL» is the only manufacturer in Russia, the holder of Type Certificate. The company has a wide experience both in aerostat design and in tests. In the process of development a lot of attention is paid to safety, reliability and quality of the manufactured product, combined with convenience and simplicity of operation.

The top management of «RUSBAL» take an active part in aeronautical events as pilots, gaining experience in operation of the aircraft produced at their own enterprise. «RUSBAL» hot air balloons’ participation in various sporting events and entertainments held in the European Union resulted in great interest towards the product of our enterprise. Nowadays «RUSBAL» has got production queries for hot air balloons from operators in Poland, Lithuania and Czech Republic.To meet the appeared demand a company with the same name — «RUSBAL» — was established in Bulgaria. The enterprise is willing to start the development and production of hot air balloons for European market under the trade mark European Balloons, and it has all provisions for that.We are eager to use all our available experience for the development of aeronautics in the European Union and saturation of the market with competitive products of high quality.


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